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Name:The Mad Hatter
Birthdate:Oct 13

Character: The Mad Hatter
Series: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland
Version: After Giving His Evidence in Court
Age: Unknown, Appears to Look in his 30’s
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Straight

The Mad Hatter is about average height for a man from England. His hair is crazy wavy white and stands out of hat a few strands sticking out. The Mad Hatter’s style is Victorian from the 1860’s. He is most notable known for his overlarge hat and with his price tag hanging out it. Which means, 10 shillings and 6 pence. The Mad Hatter also wearing a pair of large shoes.

White wavy hair under his huge hat, there are few strands that tend to stick out. Not to mention his thick black eyebrows, with his wild green eyes, are to compliment his huge nose covered in freckles. Though most people are turned off by his large buckteeth. The Hatter’s expressions with these features are usually to the extreme and exaggerated.

The Mad Hatter, best known for being completely and utterly mad. They say the reason why the hatter is mad, is because of the mercury from that was used in the process of curing pelts used in some hats. This is made it almost impossible for hatters to avoid the mercury fumes while making the hat. So the mad as a hatter came to be with this Mad Hatter’s reasoning for going mad outside the fact that everyone in Wonderland is mad anyway. He does suffer from delusions and distorted visions that normal people wouldn’t usually see. The Hatter would also come up with ideas that are completely off the wall and won’t make sense what so ever. He definitely will seem to some either terribly confused or deeply disturbed.

The Hatter is quite eccentric in his actions and can come off to be very rude in what he has to say. It’s quite similar to one of how a child may act, he might at first become angry, but then the very next second can be switched to being happy. His attention is always immediately distracted and he it can be very hard for him to concentrate on particularly anything. The Mad Hatter will like those who think some kind of fondness of him. He may not admit it, but he will definitely like to hang around them more as way of saying he likes to pay attention to you. This is his way of being nice to others, which is a reverse logic, but this is the hatter we are talking about. He is essentially by societies standards, rude, self-centered, and argumentative. Which is why Alice found him so incredibly difficult to get along with during the tea party.

For the most part, the Mad Hatter sticks to a good mood. Usually, when he is in a good mood he will say things that are nice, but usually he will quickly become distracted by something else. When he does this, it can come off as obnoxious. Especially when he starts asking the most random riddles out of nowhere. The Hatter pretty much is self-centered in his behavior, even if he happy in the company of others. He does enjoy being around others though and conversing different subjects. Just as long as they aren't too touchy, one can be ok with the mad man.

The Hatter doesn’t have any weapons for fighting really, unless he’s willing to splash boiling hot tea on the opponent. Though when it comes to defending a friend, he’s willing to pounce into action. Usually by grabbing said friend and running like mad away from the enemy.

The Mad Hatter usually doesn’t fight. He mostly will run away from danger. He can get out of situations pretty fast too, but if he does need to fight someone he will. Arguing is a definite yes. He can argue and get really angry with someone quite well enough. The Hatter in physical fighting, he will usually does something tricky and distracts the attacker enough to try and escape. The Hatter can be quite good at sneak attacks.

There’s also the brilliant ability of making the most beautiful and unique hat designs from the Hatter himself. You want a hat? He’s the perfect man for the job. Just make sure you’re able to put up with his madness of course. The Hatter is also an excellent tea expert and knows the many varieties, even outside the usual brew cup. So if one is lucky, they can try one of his delicious baked good or teas. The Hatter also knows many riddles, poems, songs, and puns, whether he knows the answers to the riddles is up for question. Usually he doesn’t.

The Hatter isn’t the best of fighters. He can be injured and be brutally beaten when caught. Though his main weakness is probably not keeping reality in check, he can’t concentrate well enough for the life of him. The Hatter can’t distinguish what is real or not. Which is why he will riddle or argue with someone to distinguish what his mind can think in a situation. It’s very hard for him to even try to be polite, because he can’t concentrate very well unless he forces himself to.

A friend in danger will definitely catch the Hatter off guard, or even he himself was in danger of some kind. Although he was use to the Queen’s treatments, he can’t say he was ever fond of them at all. He wishes nothing more but to stay in the illusion that he’s always having fun and drinking tea with his friends.

Oh the Hatter can become very angry, he already is mad enough as it is. Having him loose his temper can be easy to do, and he will snap at others if they come on a touchy subject or if he become annoyed at them. He will act childish and rude until something is done about the situation. As for the Hatter acting out aggressively, he is not prone to actually attacking anyone, but more of just yelling at him or her to shut their freakin’ pie hole. He won’t have anyone thinking anything he doesn’t approve of and will loudly exclaim it. The Hatter usually is not one to easily make friends due to his crazed like behavior, and he usually doesn’t see eye to eye to anyone. He can be awfully stubborn.

However, the Mad Hatter isn’t as bad as all that. He does have a side to him that will be nice to others. He just doesn’t show it that often, usually he will only show it to those he cares about the most such as Alice or his friends the March Hare and Dormouse. The Hatter will just simply try and cheer up those he know might be sad around him. He doesn’t like it if someone is upset after all and knows what it’s like to be hurt. He’s not heartless after all, and he will be sympathetic if need be. It is very hard for him to concentrate, because his madness tends to steer him away from reality.

So having the Hatter concentrate on you might be something very serious to consider, this might say he really wants to know you or he might want to make sure you’re all right. He will do anything to make sure his friends are ok though, if you become friends with the Hatter, he will literally try anything he can possibly do if you are ill or sad. Although this might not be good though, even though he might try to do something good, he might fail due to his own madness for distraction. The Hatter’s issues with anxiety can be rather high, he tends to blow proportions out of the water and can make things a bigger deal than what they really are. This all said though, this is a rare sight to see, because he usually doesn’t take things seriously enough. It’s a really big deal if you crack Hatter enough that he will actually cry.

The Mad Hatter is best known as the host of the “Mad Tea Party” that Alice visits in her trip in Wonderland. Often, there are crazy and verbal arguments along with the case of continuity that seems to go out all at once, which is way different to normal British civilized behavior that Alice is accustomed to.

As it goes, Alice reaches the March Hare's house in time for an outdoor tea party. There she meets the Mad Hatter along with the March Hare and Dormouse. They protest her joining the party with cries of "No room! No room!" Although was clearly plenty of room. The March Hare’s excuse for their being no room is that she wasn’t invited. The Mad Hatter was just gazing at her all the while until he stated "Your hair wants cutting.” Alice said it was very rude he shouldn’t state such personal remarks. However, it didn’t seem phase Hatter one bit and just decided to quiz her with a riddle with no answer. “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” Alice couldn’t think of the answer, simply because there was none. The Hatter had a habit of doing things that didn’t make much sense such as this. He represents reverse logic, which is when things present to him such as if you say, “I say what I mean, and I mean what I say.” The Hatter will tell you it’s the same thing as “I see what I eat, I eat what I see.”

The Mad Hatter also presented that he had a pocket watch that stated the day of the month, but not the time. The year always stayed the same though for Hatter. You see, Alice has arrived just in time for tea, which is served at six o'clock. But it is always six o'clock. For the absence of time means that the Mad Tea-Party is trapped in a space without time. The world isn't turning, hands aren't moving around the clock. The only thing that actually goes around the tea-party table is the group, when they want a clean cup, and then they repeat to having the tea party again. The Hatter tells Alice that the Queen has accused him of murdering his friend Time, just because he was singing the song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Bat” that annoyed her. Ever since the Mad Hatter’s time was stopped by Father Time.

The party is filled with puns, such as when the Dormouse tells a story of the three sisters Elise, Lacie, and Tillie who lived in a well. The Hatter and the March Hare had to make the Dormouse wake up in order for him to tell the story. For the Dormouse is always asleep. When he tells the story where learning to "draw" treacle. Alice asks: "But I don't understand. Where did they draw treacle from?"
"You can draw water out of a water-well," says the Mad Hatter, "so I should think you could draw treacle out of a treacle-well-eh stupid?"
"But they were in the well," says Alice.
"Of course they were," says the Dormouse. "Well in."
This play on word just confused Alice. The Dormouse started to go on how the sisters started draw things that begin with the letter M, "all manner of things — everything that begins with an M such as mousetraps, and the moon, and memory, and muchness — you know you say things are 'much of a muchness' — did you ever see such a thing as a drawing of a muchness!"
Alice stammered, “Well if you ask me-”
That when the Hatter got fed up with her polite behavior, "Then you shouldn't talk."
He was rather quick to be snippy with her, and didn't seem to mind to tell her what he really thought.
Once that was said, the Hatter was quite clear to be very rude along with everyone else at this stupid tea party, Alice left in disgust. They were not anywhere close to being civilized and nor could she hold up a conversation. She didn’t even have any tea or food while she was there. While walking away Alice could see the Hatter and the March Hare stuffing the Dormouse in the teapot. Really quite, stupid and silly those three were to Alice.

Later on, Alice was required to attend the Knave of Heart’s trial for the stolen tarts. There the Mad Hatter was called to the stand to be questioned. He started to explain when he began drinking his tea. The Hatter claimed it was the 14th of March, while the March said it was the 15th and the Dormouse said it was the 16th. The jury then wrote the three numbers down then added them up, and reduced the answer to shillings and pence.

When asked to take his hat off, the hatter said it wasn’t his. The King quickly accuses the Hatter of being a thief. The Mad Hatter had to say he sells Hats that’s why it isn’t his. Unfortunately the King intimidated the Hatter by exclaiming him that he’d be not to be nervous or he’ll have him executed on the spot. He winded up biting a large piece out of his teacup instead of the bread and butter.

All the while, Alice grew in her seat. Later she was to confront the Queen and the court for falsely accusing Jack when she would be called up. During the Hatter’s questioning the King demand the evidence from the Hatter. He tells the king he is only a poor man and begs the King to give pity on him. The King just states he’s a very poor speaker and the only evidence the Hatter gave was about the twinkling of the tea. No sooner when the Mad Hatter was called down, he ran out to escape from being executed, which he luckily managed to do so along the March Hare. The Dormouse eventually did escape as well, even though he managed to stay a bit more than the Hatter to annoy the queen further. That was the last time Alice got to see the Mad Hatter.

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